Wood Skateboard Creatively Recycled Into Stool

Wood Skateboard Into StoolWhen wood worker Andy Vasquez was five years old, nearly the only thing he talked and cared about was dinosaurs. Then came whales and sharks, then alligators, crocodiles, and gharials (the crocodilian family). These stages were followed by Power Rangers, then various sports, and eventually Andy became enthralled with skateboarding at about 12.

Through skateboarding and devouring as much knowledge as he could about it, he came to find a side interest in drawing and painting through emulating skateboard graphics. Somehow, this interest in art resulted in moving into the three-dimensional and functional medium of furniture making: the current interest bordering on obsession.

As part of Converse’s CONS Project, which aims to foster DIY culture amongst the skate community, Pennsylvania-based skater and woodworker Andy Vasquez has made a living out transforming unwanted pieces of wood into useful pieces of furniture.

In this video, Vasquez does a quick demonstration of how to transform old wood skateboard decks into a functional stool.

Creative Wood Recycling with Andy Vasquez- Converse CONS Project

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