Wine Bottle Opener Gun

wine bottle opener gun

In case you needed a 30 second activity to get to alcohol to be “action packed”, opening wine just got a little more fun with the wine bottle opener gun from Wineovation.

Why are all powered wine openers so boring?!?!?! Well not anymore. The Wine Gun from WineOvation takes wine opening to whole new level. Be a boss at your next wine gathering and whip out The Wine Gun to open that vintage cab.

The Wine Gun comes in 2 styles – Simulated Steel and Firearm Pink! The Cordless Wine Gun can open a bottle of wine in seconds. Simply pull the trigger to remove the cork from the bottle and push the trigger forward to extract the cork from the gun. Be trigger happy as it will uncork over 30 bottles of wine on a single charge!

When you are all done opening simply place the gun back into the stylish charging base holster. So go ahead and pop one off… a Wine Cork that is with your new Wine Gun.

Too bad it doesn’t fire the cork. Now THAT’s drunk fun.

wine bottle gun opener

wine bottle gun opener

[via Wineovation]


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