Wilson X Connected Football Keeps Real Stats On Your Fake Backyard Games

Wilson X Connected

Wilson X Connected Wants To Know…Are You Ready For Some Smart Football?

Sports fans, you might as well accept it…analytics in sports are here to stay. They’ve proven to be super valuable in baseball, they’ve made real inroads into basketball, and now they are storming the gates in football.

If you don’t believe me about football, then check out this video for one of the best inventions in recent memory: the world’s first smart football. Wilson (yup, that Wilson), this September, is releasing the Wilson X Connected football. What makes this football so special? Well, if you and your friends, or you and your team play a game with it, the X Connected Football will give you data on the throws the ball was used on, such as:

Spin Rate
Spiral Efficiency

The idea behind this tech is for players, namely quarterbacks, to use this data and learn from it. The football gathers the info from a gyroscope inside of a microchip. It’s got Bluetooth tech, so it can connect to any smart machine. The good is, this thing is amazing. The bad is, the football’s software is only good for 200, 000 throws. The cost for one of these bad boys in $200. If you have the money, and you love football, I’d say go buy one. This thing looks dope.


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