Man Proposes Using Virtual Reality Headset

virtual reality wedding proposal

If you are a woman waiting for your boyfriend to pop the question, where would you like to have it happen? On a secluded beach? Perhaps at the restaurant where you had your first date?

One man out there decided that such locations were a little too, what’s the word, real. Thus, he decided that his proposal would be done in virtual reality.

Using lots of colorful images and text reminiscent of MySpace circa 2006, the brother of YouTube user Jason All the time developed a virtual reality that he asked his girlfriend to walk through. As she wanders in the otherwise uninspired apartment, viewers can see what she is actually seeing on the display…including a love letter and ribbons.

Thankfully, for the actual question, the man decided to have the VR set removed and proposed to her in the flesh. Thankfully, his hard work paid off and she said yes.

This will certainly be an interesting wedding, if the proposal is any indication. Perhaps relatives from out of state won’t even need to fly into the wedding location.

Virtual Reality Wedding Proposal


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