Here’s Where To Put Stuff When You’re Wearing A Suit

wearing a suit

When you’re wearing a suit, you don’t want all the stuff in your pockets creating weird bulges. This helpful image from Art of Manliness demonstrates the ideal location for all of the stuff you’re carrying during the day while wearing a suit.

Here’s why it makes a different, according to AOM:

The whole point of wearing a suit is to create a sleek, smooth look for yourself. So you don’t want to ruin that dapper silhouette by stuffing your pockets with too many accouterments, and in such a way that they create unbecoming bulges in your clothing. Hauling around a bunch of stuff not only distorts the proper shape of your suit, but can also distort its fine fabric, putting unnecessary wear and tear on the material.

Another piece of advice is maybe don’t carry around so much crap?!?!

putting stuff in a suit

Where to Put Your Stuff In Your Suit | Art Of Manliness


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