15 Best Ways To Stop Procrastinating Now

ways to stop procrastinating

As many as 1 in 5 adults are classified as procrastinators. Here are ways to stop procrastinating today. 

Procrastinating is dangerous. It took a while to get around to writing that sentence. It took a while to sit down to write this post. It’s because procrastination effects us all! Especially a “do it tomorrow” chump like yours truly.

So how exactly does a person kick procrastinating and it’s filthy habits in the face and get more done? This handy infographic about the science behind the problem and how most of the issues are hidden deep down in your subconscious. If you can control those factors you’ll start getting shit done in no time.

Here’s the science of behind procrastination and how to beat them TODAY.

Ways To Stop Procrastinating

Two effective ways I’ve learned to stop procrastinating — and both are on this list — are #4 and #5. Making lists are huge because it keeps me on task and gives me a sense of accomplishment with every item marked done. Getting out of the house is also an incredibly important way to stop procrastinating. The local coffee shop doesn’t have clothes I need to fold or food inside a fridge that suddenly needs to be eaten. The only thing to do at a productive location is be productive.

Unless the hot barista needs her clothes folded. Then I’m totally sidetracked.


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