How To Start A Vintage Watch Collection

start vintage watch collection

A beautifully crafted watch lends the wearer a touch of class beyond any other accessory. Vintage watches combine this style and craftsmanship with a rarity value and a sense of history; making them a great accessory for the stylish buyer willing to put in the effort to acquire the perfect timepiece.

Buying your first vintage watch can, however, be a daunting and expensive prospect for first time buyers. This infographic guides you through the basics of starting a vintage watch collection and gives examples of watches to consider for your first purchase. Also considered is the investment possibilities of a vintage watch, with an overview of the market and some tips on classic brands that provide promising investment opportunities.

Many brands are richly steeped in history and are sure to hold a vintage gem in their collections. Brands like, Timex and Rotary have well over a century of watch making between them and are sure to house a classic or two.

Start A Vintage Watch Collection



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