How To Start A Conversation With A Complete Stranger

talk to stranger

Whether you’re networking to land a new job or just mingling at a party, talking to strangers is often a scary, but rewarding, experience.

In the video below, radio host Malavika Varadan shares a few tips she’s learned about having to chat with complete strangers. Here are some of her suggestions on how to talk to a stranger and start a conversation with ease.

  • Focus on the first word – Get over your nerves by focusing on just getting your greeting out.
  • Ask a non-standard question –  This moves the conversation away from the usual topics and onto something you’re both more enthusiastic to talk about.
  • Give them a unique compliment – Make sure your compliment isn’t one they hear all the time. For example, good looking people get complimented on their looks all the time.
  • Find common ground to bond over
  • Solicit their opinion

Watch the entire video for even more tips and ideas to starting conversations.

Talk To Stranger: Way To Start A Conversation

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How To Start A Conversation With A Complete Stranger
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