Photographer Explains How To Survive In The Wilderness Using Only Photo Gear

survive in the wilderness

What would you do if you were stranded in the wilderness with nothing but your camera gear and common sense? Would it be possible to survive using just the gear in your camera bag? What are the chances of survival?

Chris Niccolls of TCSTV gives a shot in this information video about how to survive in the wild.

Niccolls finds himself left in the wilderness with nothing but a tripod, a large strobe, DSLRs, lenses, sensor cleaning accessories, gaffers tape, point-and-shoot cameras and some cables. For a cutting tool, he smashes a UV filter with a and turns one of the triangular pieces of glass into his makeshift knife.

To catch fish for food, Niccolls takes his cameras apart and finds pieces from the guts to fashion a hook. For a lure, Niccolls uses a dead cat from his shotgun mic. His tripod is turned into a nifty fishing pole that successfully catches a fish

Niccolls provides tons of how to tips in the 14 minute clip that just might save your life if you’re out shooting in the woods.

Survive In The Wilderness: Can Your Photo Gear Save Your Life?


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