Survival Gear Cache Belt By Wazoo

survival gear belt

Wazoo Survival Gear was launched in 2011 by Dustin Hogard, an outdoor adventure guide, and Nick Blackman, an aerospace engineer, with the dream of combining their joint passions into tangible products. Since then they’ve collaborated with search and rescue, military, NASA engineers, and the survival community in order to create innovative wearable survival kits.

Their latest project — the Survival Gear Cache Belt — launches on Kickstarter this month. It’s a survival belt for the urban explorer. From the Rocky Mountains to the cobblestone streets of Italy, the Cache Belt has been tested across all terrains to offer optimal functionality without compromising on style. It features a low profile, business casual look while being sturdy and durable enough for every outdoor adventure.

The Cache Survival Gear Belt keeps cash and keys securely in place from the office to the hiking trail, hides passport copies, jewelry, and currency away from prying eyes when traveling and provides a safe space to stash any small gadgets.

survival gear belt wazoo

The Cache Survival Gear Belt is available in 3 styles: Minimalist (just the belt), Essentials (the belt and a few emergency essentials), and Adventure (the belt and a fully stocked survival kit).

For more information on the survival gear belt, and the forthcoming Kickstart, check out their website.

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