Do These Stretching Exercises If You Sit At A Desk All Day

stretching exercises for mobility

Running miles is a repetitive motion which can cause our body to feel jacked up at times. However, sitting down for most of the day and not moving, in my opinion, does way more jacking (is that even a word? Ah it works!) to your body.

So for those of us who run but also sit down at a desk all day, try your best to get up periodically and move. Movement provides blood flow, and blood flow promotes recovery.

And for those that need a little extra TLC (which well don’t we all need love?) Here’s a routine to get you moving and your body feeling great. This routine I typically do after my strength routines, and/or runs. Feel free to foam roll some before it as well. You can also do before your workouts!

Check it out!

Stretching Exercises For Mobility


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