5 Men’s Products To Fight Excessive Sweating

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Some men are cursed with excessive sweating and not just during intense workouts or higher temps. The sweating never seems to stop.

Excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, occurs based on surrounding temperature, activity level or sometimes just stress.  Excessive sweating can affect the entire body or just certain areas, particularly the hands, feet, underarms or face.

Excessive sweating can disrupt daily activities and cause social anxiety or embarrassment. There are some proven ways to stop excessive sweating like avoiding spicy foods and caffeine. If those options don’t work, it might be time to consider stronger remedies for under the pits, between the legs, and everywhere else the sweat won’t stop dripping.

Men’s Products To Fight Excessive Sweating

Chassis for Men Premium Powder

Chassis for Men’s Premium Powder is formulated with a proprietary Power Extract Blend of potent natural ingredients conditions the skin and provides protection against heat and activity: Hops (mmm, beer), Pumpkin Seed, Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel and Oatmeal will keep you fresh, dry and odor + friction-free down there alllll day. Sprinkle as needed below the belt and say goodbye to crotch sweat!



Funkless was made for my lifestyle and the lifestyle of everyone who’s concerned about their well-being.  Long-lasting, exceptionally creamy and unbelievably effective and all natural. Being natural doesn’t have to mean smelling funky. Made for an active lifestyle, and perfect for excessive sweating and those who have to reapply frequently, Funkless is non-toxic and cruelty-free.


Anthony No Sweat Body Defense

It’s a magic version of talc that goes on like a cream before alchemizing into swamp preventing powder. The No Sweat Body Defense has a unique formula that transforms from a cream to a natural, talc-free lightweight powder immediately upon application. Features a fresh, citrus scent.

Apply a generous amount anytime and before any activity. Target key private areas to protect skin from friction and chafe. Long-lasting, non-irritating formula.  Get fresh without the mess.


Nuderm Dry Support Complex

Nuderm Dry Hyperhidrosis treatment pill eliminates excess sweating associated with hyperhidrosis addressing the imbalances that cause of excess sweating. No more stinky feet and embarrassing wet handshakes. No more having to do multiple switches of undershirts. Stay dry morning and night.


Beard Paws

Beard Paws are 100% cotton beard wipes are designed to refresh your face even after the most grizzly of meals, giving you an exceptional grooming experience. Their solution is a beautiful symphony composed principally of: a mild soap for cleansing, Grapeseed and Aloe oils to condition the hair and skin, and finally a cool blast of Cedar and Eucalyptus that leaves you feeling like your beard just took a dip in a mountain stream.



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