The World’s Smallest And Lightest Bike Multi-Tool Just Got Even Better

Silca Multi-Tool 1

SILCA expands their line of innovative biking essentials into the portable and travel tool category with a5 position multi-ratchet called T-Ratchet and a 30 Gram Torque measuring extender called Ti-Torque.

These tools are a lightweight, strong, and highly ergonomic with the Ti-Torque providing real-time feedback to the torque you are tightening too — simply begin tightening the fastener while watching the scale on the Ti-Torque, and it will show you precisely the Torque being applied.

T-Ratchet is a 100 mm long, 60 gram tool which magnetically converts between T-Handle tool, thumb stabilized ratchet tool, and flag handled screwdriver. The tool uses a SILCA developed 72 tooth ratchet mechanism for significantly finer engagement than other designs.

Ti-Torque is a 30 gram, 100 mm long extender for the T-Ratchet capable of measuring 0-8Nm torque readings in real time. Ti-Torque is based on a 6Al/4V Titanium Torsion beam and displays torque on the side of the extender during use.

Silca Multi-Tool 1


SILCA has spent more than 10 months in development and has worked with numerous ProTourmechanics, fit studios, adventure athletes, and others to refine the design and achieve ideal ergonomics.”We started this project with great excitement, but the response from our test athletes and mechanics in the field has been truly overwhelming. We’ve literally had product testers refuse to send them back for evaluation as they felt the tools were too critical to their daily lives,” said SILCA president Josh Poertner.


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