How To Develop Self Confidence in Public Speaking

self confidence in public speaking

If you can get past the host’s very strong accent, and the weird analogies, this is actually a good video tutorial about public speaking.

Public speaking still scares the crap out of many people. But, according to ISMONOFF TV, it doesn’t have to be nerve wracking. The video and the narrator smartly start at the beginning of a speech, when you, the speaker, look out at the crowd in front of you. That’s the main thing that petrifies potential orators…the sea of people, and the possible sea of cruel people who could eviscerate you if you bomb while giving a speech. I don’t want to give away too much, but the video’s instructor gives you a great tip on how to deal with the possible negative thoughts of your audience.

The rest of the video deals with other parts of public communication such as:

– Grabbing your audience in the first 30 seconds of your speech.
– Telling a story, or a narrative within your speech.
– Never writing out a fully pre-prepared script, but writing bullet points to follow.
– Concluding your speech with a great ending.

Once again, if the strong Count Dracula-like speaking of the video’s host doesn’t distract you, this is a very useful aide to help you with public speaking.

How To Develop Self Confidence in Public Speaking


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