How To Stop Getting Ripped Off At Whole Foods

save money at Whole Foods

It’s no secret that Whole Foods is overcharging customers when it comes to their natural and organic foods. But just because they are a green grocer doesn’t mean they aren’t a bit sketchy when it comes to best practices.

So stand up and stop getting ripped off by Whole Foods! Create a game plan and integrate a few simple tactics into your shopping routine as suggested by USA Today.

Here are a couple tips to save money at Whole Foods:

First and foremost show up on a Wednesday and bring your Whole foods and manufacturer’s coupons for a triple whammy. USA Today reports that the previous week’s and the coming week’s sales overlap, giving you savings storewide.

The most important thing to do to save money at Whole Foods is to buy in bulk and avoid anything prepackaged or precut. This works on so many levels, not just granola and cereal, but spices, too. And you can bring your own containers to boot! Who knew?

Also, avoid precut fruits and veggies because they’re considerably more expensive than the uncut produce. Just buy a whole melon and cut it at home to save money. Looking right at you, lazy person.

So by being a good customer and getting their newsletter, stacking coupons, and nixing the overpriced pay-by-weight sections, you can blow through Whole Foods, saving a ton of money where other’s (including the mega-chain themselves) don’t think to check.

Hopefully these tips will help you save money at Whole Foods the next time you go shopping. The other option is to just stop shopping at Whole Foods!

[via USA Today]

Rebecca Sutton is a freelance writer who has written for several print and online publications. 

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