Nostalgia Retro Breakfast Station

retro breakfast station

In my days as a swinging bachelor (Named after the playground in my living room and not the fact that I had a lot of sex) I’d often forgo cooking for myself because of clean-up. Why dirty so many pots and pans when I’m cooking for one person? (Unless the playground was busy, then I’d fire up the oven).

What I needed in my house was a breakfast station that could handle an entire meal in one convenient appliance. I needed this awesome retro breakfast station from Maximatic.

Elite 3-in-1 Mini Deluxe Breakfast Station

It’s three appliances in one! The Maxi-Matic Elite 3-in-1 Deluxe Breakfast Station enables you to whip up a wonderful breakfast while saving space. With a compact design, this fun and durable multifunction station has a coffee maker, griddle, and toaster. A 30-minute shut-off feature makes it safe to use and its design is easy to clean. This all-in-one appliance is perfect for your home, office, RV, or dorm room.

The retro breakfast station boasts a 4 cup coffeemaker, a 4 slice toaster and a non-stick griddle. It even all fits in the corner of the kitchen counter to leave more space for….maybe a tray of Gatorade for everyone on the playground?

Buy Now: $79


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