British Man Breaks Push-Up Record For Most In An Hour

push-up record

push-up record

Guinness World Records is confirming that 50-year-old Carlton Williams of the United Kingdom has broken his own push-up record for the most push-ups in one hour.

Williams broke the push-up record after performing an astounding 2,220 complete push-ups at a gym in Margaret River, Western Australia, Australia. Williams smashed his previous record of 1,874 push-ups that he set last year.

The construction worker is originally from Wales and boasted that he was attempting the record to “prove for once and for all that the Welsh people are physically, socially and spiritually superior.”

While Williams holds the push-up record for most in an hour, the most push-ups completed in 24 hours is 46,001, held by Charles Servizio. Servizio set the push-up record back in 1993 and it has remained unbeaten ever since.

Watch 50-Year-Old Man Set Push-Up Record

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