Watch The Porsche 911 History In 90 Seconds

History Of Porsche

History Of Porsche 1By far one of the best evolution videos, this impressive piece covers the Porsche 911 history and development.

The evolution of the Porsche 911 has a rich history filled with innovation and has undergone continuous development, though the basic concept has changed very little since its inception.

Ultimately, the Porsche 911 was named one of the best cars of the 20th century, standing the test of time and turning heads in the process.


Over more than 50 years Porsche has taken a terrible idea – hanging an engine behind the rear wheels so that the car will try to go backwards through corners – and turned it into an automotive icon. One way that happened was keeping that unmistakable shape. As you’ll see in the video above, the proportions are true to the original even with the relatively radical changes with recent models. The animation includes price and power figures, and even has the model designations, so you can keep up in conversation when aPorschephile starts rambling about random numbers.

Produced by Donut Media, this short video details the evolution and history of the Porsche 911 car — with all its highs and lows — to evolve from a pile of junk to an industry icon. The video also includes the Porsche 911 history in price and horsepower.

Watch The Porsche 911 History

Porsche 911 history

History Of Porsche

History Of Porsche

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