Best Pomades For Thick Hair Under $15

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Every single stylist to ever put a hand through my hair and a pair of scissors to my follicles has uttered the same opinion — “you’ve got really thick hair…you’ll probably never go bald.”

Never going bald is good news, but after 30 years, thick hair is still a pain in the ass. Having thick hair means constant haircuts to keep it from puffing out into a helmet. It means constantly looking for new hairstyles for thick hair to make it manageable. It also means more product to keep all the hair in check — at least for a while.

Pomade is the best product for thick hair. Hair gel tends to make the hair look slick and rock hard. Hair sprays are pointless. Wax is useless unless using half the canister on one application. Pomade is best for keeping thick hair in check and looking natural.

There are numerous pomade products on the market but some cost close to $20 per tin. That’s almost equal to the price of most haircuts. As a thick haired gent, I’m here to tell other thick-headed comrades that pomade for thick hair does exist and for under $15.

Pomades For Thick Hair


Smooth Viking Pomade

Smooth Viking’s Pomade is a water-based hair styling agent that gives any hair type the extra boost it needs to achieve a sleek and dapper new look. When it comes to style, ease of use and ingredients, nothing else compares. This is the top styling product out there. BUY: $11

Suavecito Pomade

This uniquely scented water-soluble hair pomade has a creamy consistency, combs in with ease and provides a strong grip for maximum styling flexibility. BUY: $12

Reuzel Hair Pomade

Reuzel Pomade is a versatile water based product that allows men with thick hair to control its strength and degree of shine. Reuzel offers different hold strengths but the red is the strongest and most versatile for men with thick hair. BUY: $12

Layrite Pomade For Thick Hair

Developed to replace the wax that greasers would use in the SoCal rockabilly scene, water-based Layrite pomade holds like a wax, but washes out like a gel. BUY: $15

Fisticuffs Tuff Hold

Fisticuffs “TUFF HOLD” pomade is a water-based with a clean, old time barbershop scent. This pomade is perfect for styling pompadours, psycho-billy quiffs or even just slicking it back! BUY: $11.25

Men’s Hair Tutorial – How to use pomade

Here’s a handy video demonstration on how to properly apply pomade via The Western Gent

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