How To Pick A Lock With Just A Few Tools

pick lock how to

CrazyRussianHacker (that’s what he calls himself) demonstrates how to pick a lock. It’s his first time trying to pick a lock and does it with relative ease.

The most fascinating thing about this lock picking video is that CRH not only has no idea what the parts of the lock are called but he also doesn’t have a clue as to the names of the tools he’s using. He does know the correct term for a bobby pin and he’s well-versed on “BOOM! SO COOL!” Other than that he’s just a dude picking locks with tools he owns but can’t name.

CRH gets pretty quick at lock picking by the end of the video and he’s prompted me to not learn how to pick locks but to never trust a key lock with my valuables again.

Pick lock: How To Do It

The Crazy Russian is good but he might want to pick up some tips from our old pal Bosnian Bill. He’s been picking Master Lock locks with zip ties for a long time.


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