Simple Personal Hygiene Tips No Man Should Forget

personal hygiene tips for men

We’ve talked at length about personal hygiene, from nose hair maintenance to the best grooming products to buy.

Personal hygiene is an important thing. An incredibly important thing. Looking, and smelling, good is not only important for meeting women, but it’s also a big help in landing new jobs and possible career opportunities.

Video blogger and male image consultant Aaron Marino is the brains behind the website/blog/video channel IAmAlphaM. He regularly puts out videos on YouTube, and below, he’s dropped one that I’m sure many men need to see. In this video, Marino explains 20 personal hygiene tips that all men should follow, such as:

– Wear Deodorant Every Day: Even in 2016, there are guys who see this as optional. I know, because been on a bus recently. B.O. is a no-no.
– Trim Your Pubes: I agree with this one. If you like chicks, you’d better trim your short and curlies.
– Powder Your Balls: I know, you laughed a little. But, it’s true. Once again, if you like women, and you meet a woman, you don’t want her to meet a musty smell there. Douse those ‘nads.
– Trim Your Ear and Nose Hair: Not the kind of hair you think about regularly, but they do need to be trimmed. Because it not, they can be gross.

Personal Hygiene Tips For Men

When you look good, you feel good.


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