People Who Can Kindly Go F*ck Themselves Notebooks

notebooks for men

We discussed the importance of the pocket notebook for men and why every man should carry a pocket notebook. We even gave suggestions on the specific type of notebooks for men.

We’re amending the list to add this brilliant notebook.

People Who Can Kindly Go Fuck Themselves Notebook

“Facebook trolls. Horrendous drivers. The guy who stands at the register of a fast food joint and studies the menu as a crowd of people who know what combo meal they’re definitely getting stand and wait. Yeah, some people can get on our nerves. To keep track of all those grudges, there’s the People Who Can Kindly Go Fuck Themselves Notebook. Now you can keep tabs on your archenemies and evil foes, or, you know, just your grocery list.”

Order several because the list usually grows rapidly around the holiday.

notebooks for men

BUY NOW: $9.99

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