How To Fold Shirts For More Drawer Space

new way to fold shirt

If space is limited in your bedroom, bigger furniture is probably out of the question. Maybe you just need a new way to fold shirts to create more space.

I sleep in an attic. It’s furnished, a complete bedroom, but square footage is at a premium. Tight living quarters means small furniture because drawers are tough to open if they’re obstructed by a bed. (The other option was sleeping in a drawer. It’s cozy but coffin-like.)

Small furniture means less space to put clothing so I’ve got to adopt a new way to fold shirts, contrary to the way I’ve been folding clothes for the past 20 years. Out with the flat shirt and in with a new way to fold shirts. It’s a more compact method so more shirts can fit into smaller drawers, dressers and storage spaces.

Way To Fold Shirts To Create More Drawer Space

How To Fold A Shirt To Create More Drawer Space


Step 1 – lay shirt out flat
Step 2 – fold the shirt in half so sleeves touch
Step 3 – fold sleeves over into shirt
Step 4 – fold shirt in half from bottom to top
Step 5 – fold shirt in half again
Step 6 – file shirts into drawer

Here are some bonuses to this new way to fold shirts.

Easier To Find Favorites: instead of digging to the bottom to find favorites and disrupting everything from the top down, a quick eye scan will find the shirt. Plus you can put shirts in specific rows like gym shirts, work shirts, shirts you can’t wear in public or it will cause divorce, etc.

Already Folded For Travel: go right from drawer to suitcase and maximize the space when packing for a trip.

An Excuse To Buy More Shirts: look how much room you’ve got now! Time to buy countless more shirts because can a guy really have too many shirts? (According to my wife yes, yes a man can have too many t-shirts)

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