Morning Rituals For Men That Lead To Change

morning rituals for men

It took a long time to incorporate morning rituals into my life. For a long time I was an “up around the same time, do whatever came naturally, hopefully get everything done before I had to get out the door” kind of guy. That kind of guy sucks. I can say it, I was one.

Finally, I incorporated certain morning rituals into my day and now I think I’d go nuts without those rituals. Here’s a great article about morning rituals from Super Hero You about ten activities to jump start every day.

A personal favorite involves the chugging of water and how much.

We know, the first thing you want is to reach for the coffee. But your body is incredibly dehydrated in the morning, and drinking caffeine first thing only exacerbates that. Instead, start your day with at least one cup of water for a much-needed energy kick. For best results, try a cup of warm water with lemon. Cold water will shock your body, and the lemon’s bitterness boosts your detoxification process. And if you must have coffee, strive to wait an hour before having your first cup. It’s better for you anyway!

Another suggestion — making your bed.

Ever heard of a keystone habit? These are habits that create routines that spill over into other habits, and making your bed is one of them. Not only does making your bed each morning set the tone for an organized and clutter-free day, but it also can boost both your happiness and productivity. Plus, it’s nice to come home to at least one clean thing every night.

Like the article says “Stop hitting snooze and start hitting the ground running with this killer rituals for a productive morning.”



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