This Guy Uses Big Equipment To Make The World’s Tiniest Furniture

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Chances are that you know one “handyman” type of person in your life: that guy or girl who can, through craftsmanship and sweat, turn random piles of wood and metal into sturdy pieces of furniture or boats or whatnot. Michael Yurkovic is one such person…except the furniture that he designs could all fit ATOP your ACTUAL kitchen table.

With laser-like precision and tedious attention to detail, Yurkovic builds everything from chairs, lamps, and even appliances that would greatly improve the interior design of your local dollhouse or Lego set. According to a profile on Fast Company Design, the lifelong model enthusiast was inspired by the offerings at a miniatures convention he attended three years ago.

miniature furniture

Since then, he has focused his eye on 1/12 scale models of signature tables, chairs, and storage units. His clients are firms looking to accentuate shadow boxes, architectural models, and the like; he commands around $250 apiece for his models. Yurkovic has even apparently been bitten by the Hollywood bug (where miniature modeling flourished before the advent of computer imagery), as is evidenced in this scale-model representation of a set from The Mindy Project, starring comedian Mindy Kaling.

While the work is painstaking and indeed is truly from raw materials, it is probably safe to say that this furniture is still easier to assemble than anything from Ikea.

Check out more of Yurkovic’s work at Atomic Miniature.

The Zen Artistry of Michael Yurkovic And Miniature Furniture

[via Fast Company Design]

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