Inside An Amazing Miniature House Tucked Inside The California Mountains

More than 180,000 Americans a year, people like snowboard legend Mike Basich, are choosing to live entirely disconnected from our modern internet-focused world in pursuit of a more sustainable, simple lifestyle.

There’s a recurring vision. It happens when I’m at my most stressed. Each member of my family packs a bag with just enough clothes and a few personal effects and we pile into the truck and just drive. The vehicle travels far enough into the unknown so cell service and the internet and the world can’t reach us. And that’s where we live. Forever. 

Oh and in the middle of the trip I take about 99% of our personal technology and bury it deep in the woods. 

Many of us dream to one day live off the grid, perhaps not completely unplugged from society, but at least far enough removed so that the troubles of the world seem almost nonexistent. 

Pro-snowboarder Mike Basich wanted a home close to nature and in the mountains of California. In this video by Seeker Stories, Basich takes Laura Ling on a tour of his “childhood dream” — a 225-square-foot home in the middle of his 40 acres of land in Soda Springs, California.

Basich explains how the tiny domicile took 5 years to build and he moved roughly about 175 ton of rock to construct the home ripped from his childhood imagination.   

A Snowboarder’s Unbelievable Tiny House

Mike Basich

Unbelievable Tiny House 3

Unbelievable Tiny House 2

Unbelievable Tiny House 1

[via Suburban Men]

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