Photographer Matt Alberts Embarks On Year-Long Journey To Capture The True Essence Of LIFERS

Matt Alberts Lifers

Matt Alberts Lifers

In February, photographer Matt Alberts embarked on a year-long journey to capture the true essence of LIFERS – those who push the limits in the pursuit of their passions – and the seasons that inspire them to do so. The epic, cross-country, photography expedition has been compiled in a series called The Seasons Collection.

This week, Alberts released the second wrap-up video from the trip, summarizing all the incredible things happened during SUN, one of three chapters in the Collection.

From the hills of scenic Seattle with Nike Pro Skateboarders Al Partanen and Chet Childress, to the iconic Berrics skatepark in Los Angeles with legends Steve Berra and Danny Way, the journey stretched along the West Coast as Matt captured an amazing cross-section of devoted action sports fans and enthusiasts.

Matt Alberts Takes Year-Long Journey To Capture The True Essence Of LIFERS

Follow Matt Alberts’s entire journey in real-time here and watch as things unfold week by week here.

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