Man Set World’s Record For Knuckle Push-Ups

Most Knuckle Push-ups World Record

To most of us, the term “knuckle push-ups”, which is exactly what it sounds like (performing push-ups using your knuckles as support), is alone enough to make us wince in pain. But for one Armenian man, the term is not only satisfactory, but also a challenge.

According to an article in Men’s Fitness, Manuel Mamoyan recently bested Canadian Roy Berger for the most knuckle push-ups done in one minute. In yet another Guinness World Record that is filed under “unusually specific,” Mamoyan demonstrates his painful—yet successful—feat in a YouTube video.

Guinness World Record Knuckle Push-ups

In 60 mere seconds, Mamoyan successfully performed 86 knuckle push-ups (beating Berger’s record of 83). Mamoyan had tried to beat Berger’s record earlier in 2016 but failed to do so. We can only assume that he waited until the end of August because it took his knuckles that long to heal.

At least we now know whose hands brass knuckle manufacturers will sculpt from.

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  1. Shitty angle. Looks like he counted his chickens before they were hatched. Enough said.

    Roy Berger, current Guinness World Record Holder for this record.

    • Roy You are right. Looks so weird!

      I have done now 87 Sorry. Will upload it on Jan 3rd 2017 to Guiness. They are in Holiday at the moment.
      Visit me on Facebook got Slowmotion.
      Passed 30sec with 47 Reps and reduced then my speed.
      Current Guiness WR Holder most pushups in one hour. 2392.
      Recent Recordholder knuckle pushups one hour 1796 and one minute 66


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