Kanye West Tweets Turned Into Motivational Posters Are Hilarious, Narcissistic And Actually Quite Motivating

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Love or hate Kanye West, the guy has an arm’s length list of accomplishments. He’s a incredibly focused. Most of the focus is on himself, but, it’s no different than any other successful entrepreneur.

Maybe Kanye people don’t like the self appointed king of promotion because he’s a little too boisterous about his successes, rarely admits his failures and acts like a dick most of the time.

The crew at Buzzfeed turned the bravado-laced Kanye West’s tweets into motivational posters and…well…they just fucking work. They work well. If you didn’t know these were about Kanye and thought they were just written by a guy with a bucket full of self confidence strapped to each hip, you’d like them a hell of a lot more.

Here are a couple of the best motivational Kanye West tweets from Yeezy.

Kanye West Tweets Turned Into Motivational Posters

kanyewest7 kanyewest2enhanced-3342-1432568582-9[Buzzfeed]

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