There Are Only So Many Jukeboxes Left In The World And This Guy Keeps Them Running

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“Jukeboxes? Who thinks about jukeboxes?”” What is this, Happy Days? Don’t DJ’s play music, or…our smartphones?” These are the questions most people would ask if you bought up the subject of jukeboxes. and when I say jukeboxes, I don’t mean the ones that look like classic jukeboxes that are really digital machines. I’m talking about the real vinyl records, playing in a malt shop kind. The kind that most of us thought were, for lack of a better word, extinct.

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Well, they aren’t. And, the ones that still function can actually be fixed by a handyman. A very special handyman. That guy’s name is Perry Rosen, owner of a New York based jukebox and pinball machine repair company. His job is to fix these magical machines, and he has for a number of years. In this video, we get to see Rosen fixing classic jukeboxes, and him discussing what he does, and how it affects his customers.

Why is any of that, or any of this worthy of our time? Because, according to Rosen, many jukebox owners hold on to these machines because of the memories associated with them. The music within these boxes takes them back to happy, and presumably, happier times. To quote Rosen, “I always leave a house with music playing.” To many jukebox owners, that music is magic.

Check out the video for the feels.

The Jukebox Repairman

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