Marvel x Onnit Iron Man Kettlebell

iron man kettlebell

You’ll probably never be an actual superhero (unless you work closely with gamma rays all day) but it’s possible to workout like a hero with this awesome Marvel-inspired exercise equipment.

Onnit, the leader in unconventional training equipment, is teaming up with the biggest heroes in the Marvel Universe to form a team of truly epic proportions.

Onnit Iron Man Kettlebell

Introducing the Marvel Hero Elite Iron Man Kettlebell by Onnit. This fully-functional 40lb kettlebell is made of chip-resistant iron and has been meticulously sculpted after the iconic Iron Man helmet.

And because Iron Man and Captain America are in constant competition…

Onnit Captain America Shield Barbell Weight Plates

Introducing the Marvel Hero Elite Captain America Shield Urethane Barbell Plates by Onnit. These functional barbell plates are modeled after Captain America’s iconic shield and are made from top-quality polyurethane with a steel center. These weights will be available in pairs of 25lb, 35lb, and 45lb weight increments.

Both the Iron Man kettlebell and Captain America shield plates are available from Onnit.

iron man kettlebell

captain america weight plates

Either of these make the perfect gift for the guys who have everything.


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