Add Inline Skating Through Vancouver Wilderness To Your ‘Things To Do’ List

Inline Skating Powerglide

Dustin Werbeski takes inline skating on SUV skates to another level.

Watch the pro skater conquer this treacherous downhill trek and natural obstacle course on a pair of Powerslide skates. Shot deep within the forested trails of the Vancouver, British Columbia’s North Shore, Werbeski glides smoothly over the wooden planks like that time you went out to start your car after an ice storm.

Actually, he’s much smoother. You fell on your ass and needed pain meds for two months.

Powerslide offers a wide assortment of inline skates including speed skates, freeskates, slalom skates, nordic skates, Doop skates, PowerSkating skates, kids adjustable skates and more.

Check out Dustin’s ride and put inline skating through Vancouver on your “things to do list.” Put it right at the top. 

Powerslide Off-Road Inline Skating In Vancouver, Canada

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