How To Exercise Like A Prisoner

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Prison doesn’t sound so bad. Well, parts of it don’t sound terrible like the part about being able to sleep a lot and…fine, that’s the only perk. Sleeping. It’s probably not a restful sleep considering the location. Is sleeping with one eye open actually possible?

Prisoners do have plenty of time to get into incredible shape. It’s part boredom and part survival but, hey, whatever motivates a person! Paul Wade served time and is now a fitness expert and author of Convict Conditioning. He shared some tips about training like a convict over at Ask Men.

Paul shared a few lessons on training in an enclosed space and using old school techniques to get jacked. Here are a couple key lessons from Paul about getting jacked like a con.

How To Train Your Body Like A Convict

Lesson 1: Your body is the ultimate piece of training equipment — Bodyweight exercises will get you in shape faster than any expensive equipment. Use your body as the ultimate training machine.

Lesson 2: You want strength and mass? Stick to the ancient basics — Paul preaches the basics and they are

Upper-body horizontal pressing: Pushups, dips, planks, elbow levers
Upper-body horizontal pulling: Australian pull-ups, front levers
Upper-body vertical pressing: Handstands, hand-balancing, handstand pushups
Upper-body vertical pulling: Pull-ups, muscle-ups, hanging and swinging
Posterior chain: Bridges, table bridges, wall bridge walking, back levers
Anterior chain: Sit-ups, leg raises, all hanging work, front levers
Leg exercises: Bodyweight squats, pistols, shrimp squats, lunges, explosive jumps

Lesson 3: Lights Out — Sleep is incredibly important for growth. Paul explains “Testosterone—muscle juice—is ONLY produced by the testicles at night, specifically during REM sleep. The majority of REM sleep occurs later during periods of sleep; so if you wake up earlier, you miss your shot. Want some more gains—get and extra hour (or two) in bed.”

For more tips and lessons from Paul, check out this piece on Ask Men.

Now maybe he should do a piece about how to avoid prison….

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