How To Pick A Master Lock Using A Zip Tie

How To Pick A Master Lock

Not sure how to pick a Master Lock using a zip tie? It’s way easier to do than people realize. It’s almost a little too easy. It might not be as easy as how to spot a fake Rolex but probably on the same level.

In this case, the video shows how to pick a Master Lock by just sawing off pieces to turn the end of the zip tie into a makeshift key.

The maker of the video promises to use other things to demonstrate how to pick a Master Lock in the coming weeks, much to the displeasure of the Master Lock people.

How To Pick A Master Lock

The lock master, Bosnian Bill, has a slew of videos devoted to breaking into just about anything. He often explores different ways to overcome security devices, with a focus on locks.

The techniques we’ll look at include both non-destructive (picking, bypassing,etc.) as well as a few destructive methods. Our objective is to have a little fun while gaining a rapid entry. We’ll also look at how different devices work, identify their design weaknesses, exploit them, and generally break a lot of shit.

Check out his YouTube channel here.

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