How To Make An Ice Ball Cocktail

Ice Ball Cocktail

Ice Ball Cocktail

If you’re looking to step up your cocktail game, serving drinks in an ice ball will impress all your guests. I get asked enough how to create these that I decided it was finally time to create a tutorial.


Step 1: Get a seasoning injector or syringe, a hammer to crack the ball open, a funnel, a standard ice ball mold and a soldering iron (though it’s not necessary)

Step 2: Fill up the ice ball mold with water and put in the freezer. Freeze only long enough so that a only about a quarter centimeter of a shell remains. About half way through, flip the mold over so it freezes evenly.

Step 3: Run water over the ice ball mold to loosen up the ball. Use the soldering iron to poke a small hole in the top of the ice ball. Make sure the hole is big enough to fit the funnel.

Step 4: Extract the water from inside the ice ball using the syringe. Store the ice balls in a tupperware container in the freezer with the holes facing upwards.

Step 5: Mix your favorite drink and pour into ice ball using funnel.

Step 6: Put ball into glass and smash ice ball before serving.

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