How To Do Laundry Because You’re Doing It Wrong

How To Do Laundry

How To Do Laundry

We’ve all done hundreds of loads and spent THOUSANDS of hours doing laundry, but have no fear — Randy and Jason Sklar are here with tricks to make your dirty laundry feel like a breath of fresh air. Even if you usually stink.

Doing laundry is one of those weekly — possibly daily depending on your family size of lack of clothing — tasks people do so often they don’t really question “Is this even really working?” Laundry is all just habit. This video from PBS’s You’re Doing It Wrong series explains some of the most common ways we do laundry wrong.

How To Do Laundry The Right Way

As the brothers explains, most of the ways people do laundry is wrong and it all comes down to people just not knowing the correct way. For example, we all put in a ton of detergent even though it might not really be doing a damn thing. Over washing can also wear out clothes faster, despite little tangible benefit. Most clothes can handle being worn for more for a long period of time without really getting dirty and some clothes can be worn multiple times before washing (jeans for example).

Hopefully this video explained how to do laundry correctly, and sometimes, how to just not do laundry at all. Now that’s a stance I can get behind!

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