How To Clean Up Your Gmail Inbox


How long do you let your gmail get out of control? Six weeks? Six months? Six years? After a while, the flooding gmail inbox seems like a river that will never stop flowing so you just continue to drown. Here are some suggestions on how to clean up gmail once and for all. Or at least until it gets out of control again.

MARKING AN EMAIL AS “Read” doesn’t mean it’s gone. It’s still sitting there, taking up precious storage space. It’s a good habit to delete emails once you are done with them, but if it’s already too late and your Gmail is nearing its capacity, listen up.

Google gives its users 15 GB of free account storage. This may be more than enough for some people, but it’s important to keep in mind that these 15 GB are shared by your Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive. That means that if you are an extensive Google Photo Uploader, you’ll be significantly taking away from the capacity of your inbox.

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