How To Choose Shirts To Make Your Fat Arms Look Skinner

How To Choose Shirts

From t-shirts to dress shirts, if you have bulky arms, and we’re not the strong kind here, then you will want to know a few style secrets on how to minimize the flab.

Men’s Health offers a rundown on how to maximize your shirts and minimize your plump.

How To Choose Shirts For Fat Arms

Admitting your cluelessness on how to choose shirts for your body type is the first step, so realize that you need some extra space in your tee’s sleeves without going overboard so 1.) darker is better, and for the love of God 2.) nothing that clings. Rule 3.) Choose cotton, it’s the fabric of our lives for a reason. This means no Under Armour, muscles shirts, or anything else that will accentuate your fleshy forearms or cut off circulation.

When it comes to dressing less like a clueless slob and more like a guy who cares about his size remember; the camera adds an extra 10 pounds so 4.) don’t roll up your sleeves. It adds an extra half-inch of fabric, resulting in unwanted bulk.

Men’s Health suggests a few retailers to make your arms appear less like Jell-O and more like properly sized appendages — Old Navy, Hugo Boss, and James Perse are options for causal looks and Stafford and Michael Kors for those more dressy occasions. PRO-TIP: If you find a cut or style that works, purchase one in every color.

The bottom line: Don’t wear a rolled up wetsuit that feels like skinny jeans for your arms with a loud pattern resembling an M.C. Escher print, because trust me, you will look more like a piece of work than a piece of art.

And after you master how to choose shirts you should consider just getting into better shape. Start here.

Rebecca Sutton is a freelance writer who has written for several print and online publications. 

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