How Long To Nap Without Feeling Like Crap

how long to nap and what time of day

It’s sad that not everyone can, or is allowed, to take a quick nap during the day. A nap is crucial for your health and well being. The world would be a better place if everyone could just grab a quick nap during a busy day.

Napping during the day does come with certain issues. How long should a person nap? When should a person nap? How much afternoon napping is just too much?

According to the experts at, the key to waking up refreshed from a nap is all about timing.

“Just 20 minutes is all you need to get the benefits of napping, such as improved alertness, enhanced performance, and a better mood. Naps of that length keep you in the lightest stage of non-REM sleep, making it easier for you to get up and go after your snooze session. Be sure to set an alarm so you don’t snooze for too long and wake up all groggy.”

If you nap for 30 to 60 minutes, your body will reach a deeper stage of sleep, causing the brain waves to slow down. This will cause you to wake up and feel groggy (also known as sleep inertia).

For those in the crowd who are able to get 90 minutes of rest (and are probably unemployed), your body will have time to make it through one complete sleep cycle and you’ll wake feeling completely refreshed…and likely still unemployed.

Here’s a handy infographic titled HOW LONG TO NAP which explains the differences in your body that will occur after certain lengths of nap time.


how long to nap had this to say about the best time of day to nap.

“The best hour for most people to nap is between 2:00pm and 3:00pm. That’s because you’ve already eaten lunch and your blood sugar and energy levels will naturally start to dip. In fact, your body clock is often programmed to make you feel a little sleepy in the middle of the afternoon. If you try to nap earlier, your body might not actually be ready for more sleep.

This time changes depending on what time of the morning you wake up. If you’re up before 6am, around 1pm might be the best time to nap during the day.

Whatever the time and length, just try an grab a couple minutes of sleep during the day. You’ll be a better man for it.


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