This Hairspray-Powered Flamethrower Seems A Bit Overboard To Kill One Spider

homemade weapons hairspray flame thrower

I played this solitary and odd game as kid called “how to escape the room.” The premise was simple — if I were locked in a room with a lunatic on the other side of the door, what homemade weapons could I use against him to escape?

The answer was always the same if stuck in the bathroom — hairspray flame thrower. Just take a can of mom’s White Rain hair spray, light a cardboard toilet paper tube of fire with the “strike if stinky” matches and torch the guy.

I never thought of turning the flames on insects.

homemade weapons flamethrower easy

The designers at Danger First are incredibly creeped out by spiders. Who isn’t? Instead of buying a can of Raid, like normal people, Danger First created a deadly hairspray-powered flamethrower.

Homemade Weapons — Spider Incinerator 

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