This Guy On Live TV Is Just Like All Dads On Conference Calls

robert kelly bbc kids interrupt

Dr. Robert E. Kelly appears to be a very serious man. As a political scientist and associate professor focused on international relations, based in Korea, he has his work cut out for him in the current political climate — and his blog and appearances on television seem to attest. He is, on the other hand, just a man, and a just a father, like a lot of us out there, and his kids are very much here to remind you of that, even live on BBC.

Kelly’s most recent live appearance on the BBC — too discuss presidential impeachment, no less — was mired with interruptions and video bombs by his two young kids. The video is both hilarious and relatable if you’ve ever once in your life tried to work from home without interruptions for your “little helpers.” Any of us who has ever tried to conduct a conference call or Skype meeting at home, with kids in the house, will instantly relate.

Needless to say the Internet is loving this video. And so are we.

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