Guy Can’t Send His Girlfriend Flowers At Work So He Does The Next Best Thing

When you are in a relationship, eventually the “honeymoon phase” will come to an end and real life will set in. And with that comes the occasional argument. Since most little relationship tiffs don’t succeed in ending the union, it’s only natural for the “make-up” stage to follow suit.

Guys are no strangers to apologetic gifts and displays, regardless of whether or not they were actually wrong. Redditor Nessie_Assassin shared the story of her boyfriend, Trevor Lagers, and the lengths he went to apologizing after a recent fight to the site’s r/funny community.

Now, if you were to hear Nessie_Assassin—or the boyfriend, for that matter—verbally relay the tale, you wouldn’t consider it that out of the ordinary. “Huh. So he sent her flowers at work to say I’m sorry. Big deal,” you’d say.

Except what the boyfriend sent wasn’t a collection of flowers…but rather FLOURS.

Flours To Work

The girlfriend was understandably confused when two heavy Amazon Prime bags showed up at her office, each one containing several bags of flour. It wasn’t until she called up her boyfriend that the pun came to light. When his initial plan of sending actual flowers (you know, the kind that aren’t a cake ingredient but sometimes a frosting one) fell through, he logically felt that this was the next best thing.

She forgave him and all was right with the world, once the moaning stopped, of course. Let’s just hope that Nessie_Assassin never asks her boyfriend for a dozen roses, for she may very well open her door to twelve sweet little old ladies.


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