How To Grow Your Instagram Account

grow instagram account

Interested in learning how to grow your Instagram account in no time? Of course you are! No one wants zero likes on their cat photos!

Growing an Instagram account is much the same as any social media account – you get out, what you put in — but there’s also a little science and study involved.

Dan Zarrella examined data from 2014 of over 1.5 million images posted by more than 500,000 users on their Instagram account. Zarella analyzed various elements—including tags, captions, and visual characteristics— to see which combinations caused the most likes and eventual followers to an Instagram account.

Among the findings, Zarrella concluded that:

  • Photos with more tags receive more likes and comments, on average.
  • Images without a filter applied get more likes and comments, on average, than those that have been filtered.
  • Including a call to action in the image caption leads to more likes and comments.
  • Brighter photos tend to get more likes than darker photos do.
  • Photos that are desaturated get more likes on average, as do those that primarily feature “cool” colors such as blue, gray, and green.
  • Images that include faces get more likes, on average.

Here’s more information on how to grow your Instagram account in this handy infographic.

Grow Instagram Account In No Time

Instagram Account Growth

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