How To Fail And Still Learn Something


As you watch Entourage and sip on an ice cold brew, you have a vision. A vision about a goal that you have. A thought in your mind how things are going to work out. You take control. You dream about it. You work for it. You live for it. You sweat. You cry. You scream with excitement in pursuit of getting what you want. Then the unthinkable happens: you “fail.”

I have news for you. No matter how many times things don’t go as planned you NEVER “fail” and you are NOT a failure. To fail means what? You will be publicly shamed by your friends and family? Your ego will take a huge hit and you won’t be able to handle looking in the mirror? Maybe, but highly improbable. Also your ego is evil. It only interferes with the true you. The one that looks at failure for what it is: First Attempt In Learning.

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Woah, Mind-Blown. Did you ever think of failure like that? First attempt in learning? Neither did I until I stopped and thought about it (which happens very rarely). Turns out thinking actually works! Who would have thought? Well clearly not me, but yes!

So what do you do the next time you think you have failed at something?

Why Failure Isn’t Always The Worst Thing

Take a step back and look at what you have learned

If you step back and realize you learned nothing than yes, actually you should start to worry because something is wrong. There is always a lesson to be learned we know this.

Go back to the drawing board

This is great! Now you have one way something won’t work and you can redirect your path, redefine your goals, and look at another way to “fail.”

“Fail” faster

The faster you “fail” the faster you are going to find the way that will work for you. So don’t be afraid to try something because you’re unsure of the outcome.

Keep Moving

Even if it’s a baby step in a new direction, take that new step. The worst thing you can do after failure is stand still.

So today or any day if you’re feeling down or like you have “failed” remind yourself of these take-aways. To “fail” is one of the greatest lessons ever learned and the way to ensure progress is to do it faster.


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