What Happens To Your Body The Longer You Go Without Sleep

“Tonight, I’m going to bed early. I’m going to hide my phone, read a book in a darkly lit room, and get a solid eight hours of shut-eye.”

(sometime after 2am)

“This show is sooooo good! I should watch every episode right now! I’m thirsty! Maybe a pot of coffee to sip during season 3-6?!?”

All that lack of sleep is screwing with your brain. It’s making you eat more, fight more, have hallucinations and even causing you to forget long-term memories. So was the Breaking Bad marathon really worth it? (It probably was but maybe start it at 2pm and not 2am?!?)

What Happens When Your Brain Doesn’t Sleep?

This infographic from Science.Mic explains just how much damage you’re doing to the cerebral by not shutting it off for long enough. It’s not pretty.


Twisted right? Well, there’s still hope. There’s always tonight. Maybe start here?

Your body isn’t designed to naturally reach these stages alone. If you’re trying to force yourself to stay awake for long periods of time, you should know that the risks aren’t light. It only takes a few days without sleep for the side effects to become either directly or indirectly life-threatening.

WATCH: Your Body Without Sleep

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