Best Dog Breeds For Single Men

dog breeds for single men

When you’re a single man — no matter how many friends or girlfriends you’ve got — there will always large chunks of time spent alone. Either by choice or circumstance.

For single men who might get a  little lonely, there’s always adoption. No, not a child. But close. A trusty canine companion will never leave in the middle of the night, pay more attention to his cell phone or expect anything except food, shelter and numerous belly rubs.

With several hundred registered dog breeds in existence, there’s no shortage of options for a new best friend.

There’s a certain human personality type that matches with every breed of dog—from purebreds to mutts—we’ve selected a few breeds we think work exceptionally well for men. Specifically single men. If you are a single man looking to adopt a dog, here are the best dog breeds for single men.

Dog Breeds For Single Men

Labrador Retriever

The friendly, happy-go-lucky lab has water-resistant fur and webbed feat for swimming, and since they’re retrievers, these dogs are great at playing catch. They’ll probably want to play much longer than the average guy. Labs are also great with people, especially those coming in and out of the house at all hours of the night.

Border Collie

Single guys searching for an unbelievably loyal and chill dog need look no further than a Border Collie. These dogs are also some of the brainiest canines around.

English Bulldog

The perfect dog for the supremely lazy single man. English Bulldogs live to lazy, don’t need much exercise, and probably won’t beg to be taken out for walks every hour. Also look adorable in football jerseys.

English Mastiffs

For as large and intimidating as they might appear, English Mastiffs are known as “gentle giants.” Incredibly even keeled, Mastiffs make friends with absolutely everyone and don’t bark as much as other breeds. Great for guys who want big, bullish companions without all of the noise.


vizsla dog breed for single men

Nicknamed the “Velcro dog” for their affectionate and “attached” ways, Vizslas are great dogs for single guys who like to hike, run, or just head out into nature and trails. They’re extremely loyal Hungarian hunting dogs will want to be by your side at all times.

Great Dane

Large in size but surprisingly easy to handle dogs, Great Danes are gentle by nature and will loaf around all day when you are out for work.


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