The 5 Best Disposable Razors For Men — From A Guy Who’s Tried Them All


Long before they adorned the face of just about every man walking the Earth, I adopted the beard.

The beard appeared due to two major life forces — the first was a girlfriend (now wife) who likes beards and the other is my newborn baby face. Seriously, without facial hair, I look like a preteen heading to his first coed dance.

The first few years of #beardlife entailed a constant 5 o’clock scruff and then slightly longer when life didn’t provide enough hours in a day to trim the beard. These days, with two kids, ten jobs and an overall laziness in some areas of personal appearance, I’ll often go a month or two without a trim.

Razor shaving isn’t an everyday ritual with hair occupying acres of land on my face. Only the areas below the chin line and above the beard (upper cheek) get cleaned up so the need for an expensive razor is pointless. Disposable razors are the go-to shaving tool. But finding the best disposable razor wasn’t easy. It took countless purchases, multiple shaves and more than a few nicks of the throat.


Before diving into the best disposable razors for the money, I should specify exactly what I’m referring to when discussing the razors in this article.

The razors I typically purchase are completely disposable. Once I’m done using it a few times I toss the entire razor — blade and handle — away. For a while I did use the replace razors but the packs of cartridges seemed way over priced. I can’t be the only guy who feels this way since the blades are usually kept under plastic at the pharmacy, which means people have to steal them if they can’t afford them.

So all of the razors I’m about to mention are completely disposable.

The Best Disposable Razors For The Money

Best Disposable Razors Men

Mach 3

The Mach 3 is my go-to disposable razor. I try other disposable razors but always find myself going back to the Mach 3, not just because of the shave but because it never irritates the skin. The 3-bladed razor has an enhanced lubrastrip that adds a touch of aloe to deliver soothing moisture and its front-pivoting head navigates the contours of your face for a close, tight shave. BUY NOW: $12.97

Bic Flex 5

BIC Flex is a disposable razor that boasts a balancing sphere for “better shave control.” Five flexible blades individually adjust to the contours of the face for an incredibly close shave. The head of the disposable razor pivots 40°, which enhances shave control. The package also comes with a precision-edging blade to reach tough spots like under the nose or side burns.  BUY NOW: $8

Schick Hydro 5

Schick Hydro 5 disposable razors are the only razors that hydrate skin during shaving to reduce irritation. The five ultra glide blades have skin guards to reduce friction between the skin and the cartridge for a less irritating shave. The built-in hydrating gel reservoir lasts up to 2 times longer than ordinary lubrication strips. BUY NOW: $8.52

Gillette Sensor 3

Designed to work with the razor’s pivoting head to deliver a close, comfortable shave, this blade system actually works with—not against—your face. The 3 spring-mounted blades adjust to the contours of your face and the patented Lubrastrip helps fight razor burn with blades that glide easily over skin. BUY NOW: $12.34

Xtreme 3 Ultimate

The Schick Xtreme 3 Ultimate razor features 3 blades that flex and pivot while shaving, optimizing contact with your skin to give you a close shave while helping guard against irritation. BUY NOW: $8.95


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