Daymak Boomerbeast Is The Most Badass Mobility Scooter Ever Built

mobility scooter

The Boomer Beast is the latest installment of the Beast line. This is the first true on road and off road mobility scooter on the market today.

The Boomer Beast available features include AWD system, large capacity lithium battery pack,  solar trickle charging to extend your range and battery life, programmable LED lights, and all Boomerbeast can be customize by the rider using the Daymak Drive App. The Boomer Beast can tackle any terrain from your city streets to the toughest dirt roads!

It was the goal of the people at Daymak to give the accessibility and the mobility that is too often taken from us due to unforeseen circumstances. They’ve heard too many stories of people who have had health issues and now our confined to their homes with nothing but public transit or depending on others help. The Boomerbeast restores that freedom without the stigmas that normally come with mobility scooters. Travel up to 90 km on a single charge and get to where you need to go.

The Boomerbeast Mobility scooter can reach speeds of over 40 km/h (25 mph) making it the fastest mobility scooter in North America.

All Boomerbeasts are custom made and can be delivered in less than a week.


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