Meet The Man Cycling Across The UK — Without Leaving His Living Room

cycling across UK

Have you ever wanted to travel across the country on your bike but found yourself dissuaded by factors like expenses and the elements? Thanks to the efforts of one man in the UK, you may soon be able to travel the UK from the comfort of your own home–while still getting the exercise.

According to Oddity Central, Aaron Puzey, a video game developer from the UK, designed an app that harnessed the power of the Samsung Galaxy Gear virtual reality console to ensure that his daily stationary bike exercise routine was anything but stationary.

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Implementing the Street View feature of Google Maps, Puzey can now experience, crudely, what it would be like to pedal from Land’s End in southern England all the way to John O’Groats in northern Scotland–a distance of 1500 kilometers. Along the “way,” he will get to cycle through such UK hotspots as Edinborough, Manchester, and Inverness, as well as several national parks.

And when the time comes to rest, Puzey can retire to the comfort of his own bed, rather than pitching a tent in potentially hostile terrain.

Once this project is complete, Puzey next wants to work on a similar project that will take him across the significantly larger nation of Japan.

The Man Cycling Across UK From His Living Room

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