How To Make Money With Your Hobby

how to make money hobby

We hear the advice all of the time — Find what it is that you like, or like to do, and do that for a living. For some of us, we know right out the chute what we are and we have been put on Earth to do (lucky bastards). But, many of us may need to search for that thing that makes our souls sing…that thing that you can do, and like, and ultimately, get paid to do.

If you are looking for your calling, and you need help and hints to do it, you can start by watching this really cool video testimonial/tutorial about the company Punished Props. Well, really you can listen to the company’s founder, Bill Doran. He talks about quitting his day job, and then how he launched his company. He speaks about the facets of starting and running your own business and following your passion.

How To Make Money With Your Hobby

Here are some of the more standout moments from the video:

You Have To Love What You Are Doing

Doran speaks about loving creating cosplay gear for friends and customers, “Some of the most important things I learned were to make sure to continue enjoying the work that I’m doing…because if I don’t like what I’m doing, I might as well go back to my day job.” Fellas (and ladies), if you start a business, or find your calling, make sure it’s something you absolutely dig doing. If not, what’s the point of doing it?

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There’s More Than One Way To Make Money

Doran mentioned that he’s come up with multiple revenue streams in order to make money. He not only makes a few bucks from creating cosplay costumes, he also gets loot from writing book and making YouTube videos about his vocation. That gives him a constant cash flow, while he’s holed up in his basement making new outfits and props. This is advice that any budding business person could use.

Network, Network, Network

Bill, smartly, talks about the need to build relationships in any field you may be involved in, “People call it networking, but really, it’s traveling, finding places where other people, specifically people who run businesses doing similar stuff, find out where they are hanging out, and go there. “ Building relationships in your profession is key. Any veteran businessman (or woman) will tell you this.

All in all, this is a really good, short video-mercial for budding, first time entrepreneurs. But, if you don’t believe me, watch the video. I’m sure you’ll come away enlightened.

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